Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Mad going up Happy going down

You know I was thinking last night how obsessed we ( I ) am with the numbers on the scale and how perspective is a huge part of it. As you know I have been fat my whole life. I have lost significant amounts of weight before but never kept it off and never been normal weight, always overweight and never at goal weight. So I was thinking about how happy I was when I saw 187.4 on the scales last week. I was so happy and proud of myself blah blah and then I thought about when I saw it last, I was going upwards. My lowest weight I can recall was around 2005 at around 167 pounds. I met my husband and started gaining weight. I had a trip planned with my 2 friends to Thailand and was on Jenny Craig for the 500 millionth time. I remember weighing in at around 185 and being so upset at that number. So disappointed that I had gained so much weight and how could I do it after all my hard work blah blah. But now I was excited to see that number. Anyway probably just rambling but was just thinking about it.

So Cara ( who is soooo nice and an inspiration ) mentioned that I used the word mum and not mom which is what Americans use. Anyway I actually was born and raised in Scotland. My dads job transferred him from grey rainy Glasgow to Daytona Beach Florida when I was 12. Can you say the words culture shock? Anyway so I have been in America since I was 12. Funny thing is I actually ended up marrying a guy from Ireland. To confuse things even more I am Italian and from a huge Italian family in Glasgow. We get to go home to see everyone at least once a year which is great. I cant wait to go home next year when I will have lost my weight !!!

Have a good one

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  1. Ahhh you hail from Scotland lol Mystery solved!! And thanks for answering my question, you're a doll.
    I would have to agree about the whole scale debacle. They are driving me mad at the moment too - even when I think I should have lost weight the scales are telling me otherwise and I admit to getting frustrated with them right now. Oh well, onward and upward - I think they need a going over with a big, fat, heavy hammer! lol
    It's going to be a fun day when you go back home next year - oh to be a fly on the wall when your family see how amazing you look. You will have to do a big post with lots of pics!! Can I sign up for that one?