Thursday, November 5, 2009

Cant Move!!

So I have a variety of subjects to talk about today. Lets get to the good news. I think I have restriction. I got a fill last Friday and started reg food on Tuesday. I think I am eating less and getting full faster. I know that I have to chew and have had the feeling a couple of times in my chest, the feeling that it is not necessarily stuck but a little sore and know I can not eat any more. Is this being stuck? Is this PBing? I have never thrown up had a little foam once from some tortilla chips ( lesson learned ). So I am not sure if I am at my sweet spot but I definitely have restriction. The past 2 mornings I did not feel like eating breakfast so I didn't and I was fine. This morning I was hungry so I had one of the Jimmy Dean light Breakfast croissant thingies. It is turkey sausage egg white and low fat cheese on a low fat croissant. It is 290 calories and 19 grams of protein. I was able to eat the whole thing slow and I am full. Is that normal? Anyway I think I am happy for now but will keep my appointment for 11/19 for another fill and just see how it goes.
yesterday I had a free session with a personal trainer at my gym. Let me just start by saying this guys arm was bigger than my head so I was like omg he is going to kill me here. When he asked me my weight ( you know I cringe at that ) I said 195 and he said" really???? you don't look like you weigh that much" uhm ok I think that is a compliment?? So he then was telling me he lost 50 pounds, of course my first reaction is to say congratulations, and he was like uhm I dropped the weight for a competition ( he is a body builder ) and I will put it back on afterwards . So ok great start. Well let me tell you I have never been so close to passing out in my life. He worked me like I was some skinny 120 pound girl that lives at the gym. He had me doing push ups, pull ups, boxing, weights all sorts of crazy stuff. It lasted 45 minutes although it felt like 45 days. So today I can not even walk. My butt feels like it has been crunched and my abs feel like I did a million push ups. So I am glad I did it but omg I am hurting today.
So today is my official weigh day.... I stood on the scale like 10 times and it said the same number. 191.6 :-) really? OMG so happy.
Please god make this number stick and go down from here. I am trying.
Oh last thing on my mind. I go on LBT and smartbandsters to read everyones posts and it really bothers me sometimes that people are so negative to others that have maybe slipped up or are having problems. One guy was wondering if he had restriction and said something like he can eat 3 pieces of pizza and bread or something like that. Well yes we all know pizza is not the best food and we all know that bread has lots of calories etc but some people were yelling at him saying " Why are you eating pizza, you are never supposed to that. And white bread? white rice? that is never ever ever allowed blah blah blah" Cant we all be supportive in a nice way and not make the guy feel any worse than he already does? jeez people
Anyway think that's it for now.
For anyone that cares...Yeah Yankees!!!!

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  1. Hiya,
    When I get that feeling in my chest it's telling me: either STOP completely, don't eat any more (usually after about a half cup or so) or just plain slow down.. wait a minute and try again. Trust me, you will know when you are stuck. This leads to a full on PB (frothing, upchucking and just plain pain - like a babies fist jammed in your chest.. its just awful!!)
    And eating your croissant and feeling full: well that's perfect (good food choice by the way.. wow, high in protein and low cals.. nice!!)
    I don't go on LBT lol I remember hearing a lot of negative before I was banded and I freaked out a little: I felt like everyone was all about doomsday and it just wasn't a positive experience.. seems like it is still the same way. What a shame.. cos I agree.. people should be supportive not horrible to each other.