Friday, December 4, 2009

Busy Bee

So I have not posted for a while cause I have been so busy lately. This is my favourite time of year getting ready for Christmas and it is so great to see it through the eyes of a 2 1/2 year old. Telling him all about Santa and his reindeer's and sleigh. He has so many questions and you forget that these are all firsts for someone so little. He somewhat understands all about Santa and Christmas and he is so excited. I have to also remind him of the importance of the season not just Christmas but about baby Jesus being born. We are catholic and I try to get to mass every Sunday but it is hard . I know I know. So anyway I just love this time of year.

We put our Christmas tree up last weekend. It looks amazing. I have to put pics up. The smell of a real tree in the house just seems to put you in a better mood.

On the lap band front everything is going pretty well. The last fill I got I think has put me near if not at my sweet spot. I cant eat in the morning and I really really have to chew my food. The one thing I am still doing is eating most of my calories at night. I still stay around 1000-1200 calories but I wonder if it is hampering my weight loss by consuming them mostly at night? Thoughts?
I also have accepted the fact that I am goign to be a slow loser and that is ok. I try not to compare my weight loss with others and have to look on the positive. I lost 1.2 lbs this week and I think my average will be around that per week which is ok for me. I know that the more weight you have to lose, the faster it comes off in the beginning so I am happy with my 39 lb weight loss over all. Just about half way to goal for me I think.

Anyway have a great weekend

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  1. I am doing the same - I don't each much for the first half of the day and then seem to catch up later on.. I was wondering the same as you (because our weight loss is around the same also .. about 1 pound a week..) We might have to do some more checking on this one.. now you've made me really curious.