Friday, November 13, 2009

Scale is my friend this week

So yesterday was my weigh in day and I like my scale :-) I am down to 189 pounds. I am actually thinking I may make my goal of 180 by Christmas. That was the good news. Now of course I have been so busy at work the last 2 days and have not been able to go to the gym so the calories I usually burn will not be burned :-( That's ok though its been a nightmare at work so I will just have to do extra at the gym next week ( My only time to go to the gym is Mon - Fri at lunch as at the weekend it is family time ).
So I am going out on Sat night and I know I will be drinking some nice wine. Want to make sure I do not go overboard though as the calories will add up so I am hoping to just try and have fun without getting too drunk :-)
My fill is scheduled for next Friday and I think I am going to get one. I feel my restriction easing off a little bit from last week but who knows? This lapband is so confusing me but I am trying
Anyway so slammed so this is short and sweet . Have a great weekend


  1. Isn't the lapband confusing? I'm with you there - as you read on my last post (or a few actually) I'm with you too, I think I will get a fill - lets hope our new amounts give us some decent restriction!! And have great weekend to you too!!

  2. Good job skinny! I can't wait to get into the 180s. Way to go.