Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Love Salmon

Ok so anyone that is the NYC area ( I am not sure of they have them all over the country? world?) you have to try my favorite lunch of all time . I get the salmon salad from Pret A Manger. It is soooo good. It is 200 calories plus whatever dressing you use. You get a big piece of salmon and it is so fresh. Anyway just though I would recommend that to everyone as I am sitting here eating it right now.
I know everyone says it, but "lucy" is so fickle. One day she will let me eat bread and the next day she wont. Some days I will be starving for breakfast and some days like today I wasn't hungry so first thing I am eating is now at 2:30pm. My doctor always said If you are not hungry, don't eat. This goes against all the "diets" that I have knows. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, eat 6 small meals etc lah blah blah but I guess I am going to go with what my doctor says. Of course all the while trying to get your protein in and water etc. I think it should be ok because I vary my calorie intake every day. Some days I am at 800 some days I am at 1300 but I think my goal is 1000-1200 calories per day. Who knows? As long as I am not hungry and losing weight then whatever works works. Weigh in day on Thursday. I think I am looking forward to it as I had a sneek peak on Sunday but don't want to say it out loud or write it down as last time I weighed before my scheduled day I showed a loss and then the next day a gain so trying to stick to once a week.
My restriction is good I think. The only thing is that i don't get what people call "soft stops". Some people sneeze or their nose starts running. I go from eating ok and not full to "ouch" there is something there so I shouldn't eat anymore. I don't PB or slime or anything so I am wondering if that is my soft stop. As long as it is not hurting anything I can deal with it. I will mention it to the doctor next week when I see him.
Anyway week is going by slow. Can you believe it is only Tuesday?
My munchkin is just getting over a cold so he should be back to normal soon.
I swear reading everyones blog is so addicting. I sit at work and read blogs all day. I have to stop because I am not getting any work done. Well speaking of work, I have a meeting soon so better go.
Hope everyone is well

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  1. I agree - blogging is fun and so is reading them lol I spend ages in the morning now reading everyones and replying - but it keeps me in check, never losing sight of the big picture.
    I don't think we have that store you were talking about with the Salmon, but yum.. it does sound good.
    My doc also said the 'don't have breakfast if not hungry'.. it's just like you said: a strange one but we get used to it :)