Friday, February 19, 2010

113 pounds are you crazy??????

Hi all,
So I had my drs appointment yesterday. It is the 1st time I have seen my actual Dr since surgery in October. The first thing I have to say for anyone that goes to the same Dr's office as me....I was in and out in 30 minutes!!! And that was seeing Dr Fielding!!!! must be a record.
Anyway so I go in and get weighed..down 7lbs in 4 1/2 weeks, not too shabby.

I was not sure if I wanted a little fill this time, I was debating the whole time I was waiting there and in my mind decided to have a little tiny tiny fill. Well he came in looked at my numbers and said wow you are doing perfect!!! No fill for you. I was like really? and he said for a girl "my size" I am doing excellent on the weight loss front and he doesn't want me to get too tight. So he said whatever you re doing keep doing it ha. .

Well to move on to the title of my post. On the computer screen showed me what my ideal weight is. I look, and I look again and clear my ideal weight is 113lbs???? Are you kidding me? I don't think I weighed that when I was born. I was about to go in freak out mode and he said don't look at that number, he thinks I should be 120lbs???? Uhm hello again 120lbs?? So then I said my goal is 140lbs and he said great once you get there its not far to get to 120lbs. Now in my head at this point I would have said" oh yeah really then you try it" but I remembered he has a lap band so if he thinks I can get there then maybe?? I don't know its too far off to even think about. I am sticking to my 140 lb goal for now and let the chips fall as they may after that.

Anyway hope you all have a good weekend

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lake George, Weigh In Day, Birthday and Lent

Hi all,
So a few things to ramble on about today. First of all I can't believe my little baby is now 3 years old. I just don't know where the time went?

So for his birthday we went up to Lake George for a few days. We had a blast. It is about 4 hours north of NYC and a completely different world. It was very small town in the middle of the mountains and has no traffic!! The have a winter festival every year where they have various activities out on the lake. Now the lake is 36 miles long and a couple of miles wide. This lake is completely frozen. I was freaking out because I just Don trust the fact that I am standing in the middle of a lake and there is only ice between me and a cold death. It was crazy though, people had ATV's snowmobiles, helicopters , planes all on top of this frozen lake. Anyway it was a blast.

We also went to the indoor water park and yes ladies I wore a bathing suit in public. I am actually surprised that I did not feel as uncomfortable as I thought I would. I am definitely making progress on the self esteem and being comfortable in my own skin. The best thing was that I went on the slides and played with my boy in the water and actually had fun without worrying about how I look. Oh the hotel where we stayed had a small pool and water slide also. Well the weight limit on the water slide was 200 pounds!!! I felt good about the fact that I did not have to be nervous that I would break it but come on 200 pounds? That is crazy, a typical grown man weighs that much right? Anyway I would have crumbled into a heap had I had to tell my hubby I could not go on it but thanks to lucy I fit.

So yesterday was weigh in day and I am glad to say I lost 1.6 lbs last week which brings me to 169.2 lbs. Slowly but surely getting there.

So today is ash Wednesday and I have decided to try and give up chocolate for lent. How hard is this? Oh just about as hard as hard can be because I LOVE CHOCOLATE. Anyway I figure it will help out with the weight loss and test my willpower!!

And on to Lucy....I know I have said this before but how crazy does our band get from day to day?? I have a dr's appt tomorrow and was not sure if I should get a fill. So last night I had dinner . I ate a sausage roll ( don't know how to describe this if you are not from the UK but it is sausage wrapped in filo dough sort of ) and beans. It went down no problem and I was thinking hello? lucy? are you still there? So then I thought uh oh my restriction is gone I will get a fill. So move on to today, I only drink coffee in the morning and don't eat until after 1pm. I tried to eat a tuna sandwich. Well lucy only let me eat about a quarter of it??? WTF?? So I have decided that no I will not get a fill tomorrow as I would say 80% of the time my restriction is there and perfect.

Anyway will update if anything exciting happens at drs tomorrow.

have a great day all.

Friday, February 12, 2010

1600 calories!!!

yesterday and most of them were from snacks and junk food!!! Enough said....I ate it, I owned up to it, and now I am going to put it behind me. Today is another day!!!

Have a great weekend ladies

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Nearly overweight!!! 6 pounds to go he he

** Don't know why they are up top but left is last summer and the one to the right is Christmas that I have posted before. I def see it in my face!!!

Hi all,
So weekly weigh in was good this week. Down 1.4 lbs to 170.8lbs. I was looking at the BMI calculator ( which I don't 100% believe is right for everyone ) and I am only 6 pounds away from being exciting is that. Started at morbidly obese ( don't you hate that word morbidly ) and cant wait to be overweight!!!

Eating is going ok. I am pretty tight still so I do not foresee me getting a fill next week when I go to the drs office.

Other than that nothing much going on. Looking forward to going away to Lake George this weekend. I love staying in hotels doesn't matter where I just really do so I am excited about being away in a hotel for 3 days ( I know weird )

I also wanted to post some before and during pics. I found some picks that were taken last year that really confirm how big I was.

Oh and please note that I am short and fat and my hubby is tall and thin :-) I am so excited as I am only 10 pounds away from being the same weight as him!!!

Hope you have a great week!!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Love my scales

So hi all. Tuesday weigh in day and I was pleasantly surprised....172.2lbs down 2.6 lbs this week. Now this is a huge number for me as I usually drop 1 -1.5 lbs per week so whatever I am doing I want to keep doing it yeah!!! So that is total 51.8 lbs down :-)

So the never ending question, sweet spot??? I think I am there ( and I think I have said this several times before ). My issue has never been hunger as I have said before but trying to achieve the "full " feeling. My question to all who know the "full" feeling or your soft stop is, Does it kind of feel like you are stuck? What I mean is I know the feeling I get when I am stuck and know that I am going to slime, I feel the pressure and think oh crap i didn't chew enough. Well lately I have been feeling a similar pressure after I have eaten but I don't slime or throw up so maybe that feeling can also be used as my full feeling? I know I have probably confused you but any thoughts you have would be helpful.

My next dr appt is on Feb 18th and as of right now I do not plan on getting a fill but of course that may change over the next 16 days

Oh and just have to say one more time I HATE MY ARMS AND THIGHS....51.8 pounds down and I don't think I have lost any in my arms or thighs sigh!!!