Tuesday, March 30, 2010

itty bitty fill

So I had my drs appt today. Gasper who I love was the one that saw me. I am down 6lbs in 6 weeks according to their scale ( I thought it was 5 but hey I will take 6 ). So I decided to get an itty bitty fill because while I am never hungry ,when I do eat ,I eat too much and my snacking has been killing me . So he gave me .2mls. In the back of my head I think I was really excited to go on 2 days liquid and 2 days mushies. This is my m.o. If I am forced to do something I will do it. I know I can not eat solids until Saturday with a fill but if I were to just try and do a 2 day liquid and 2 day mushies without my fill I would totally not be able to do it. Crazy right? Anyway so I chose to get the fill and I hope it was the right thing to do because I do not want to be too tight and my fill usually kicks in harder after a week or so. Worst case I will go back for an unfill.

Other than that work is still busy. Weather sucks in NYC right now but is supposed to be gorgeous this weekend for Easter. I am looking forward to Sunday as we are going for Easter brunch at a restaurant right on the water with our friends who have a son same age as Liam. It is supposed to be nice so booked a table outside!!

Anyway hope everyone is having a Happy Passover or Happy Easter or whatever holiday you celebrate this week ( or if no holiday hope everyone is having a good week )

Keep up the good work everyone!!!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Weekday dish and Question

So here is what I ate yesterday

10 am large coffee light and sweet from DD

2pm Lean cuisine meatloaf and mashed potatoes ( trying to do sort of mushies re previous post )

4pm I bag pop chips ( so good )

6 pm I can diet cream soda

7pm I greek empanada ( I know fried but it was so good spinach and feta cheese)

few grapes and 1/2 tangerine throughout the day

So my question is...Does anyone go tanning? ( ok I know why this is bad but I go for a few sessions before summer so no judgements )

Anyway I went yesterday in the stand up bed and this morning I was wondering if because our ports are so close to the surface, would the UV rays damage it in anyway? Would it get hot and burn my insides? Anyone know? I know this sounds weird but I really wonder if it would affect the port. Will have to ask dr at visit on Tuesday.

Have a great weekend everyone and keep up the good work!!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Hi guys,

I feel like I have not posted in forever. I apologize for not commenting a lot either. I have been reading everyone's blogs but the past few weeks have been crazy.

Just a quick round up. Band news, I am ok I think. I am doing the slow but surely race. I was 164.8 lbs this morning. I have an appt on Tuesday and as always am debating on whether yo get a little little fill or not. Same story, different day. Do great during the days...fighting the snack demons at night. It is a work in progress and I am only 8 ounces away from being overweight :-)
I have been doing ok not getting stuck and trying to keep up with my exercise. I will get there right :-)

Work has been super busy which I guess I should be happy about as it keeps the $ coming in.

So strange and weird and unusual things always happen to me.

For example picture this...last night get home from a long day at work and my 3 year old says "Mummy do you want a gummy worm" My response" No thanks Liam but thanks for sharing" "Mummy please have one" "Ok sure"...I take the gummy worm and try to take a bite....what happens??? MY FRONT TOOTH FELL OUT!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok people now I know being a mother you are supposed to try and act grown up and not freak out but who in the hell has a front tooth fall out of their mouth past the age of 8??? I was hysterical. My husband looked at me and said did you chip it? I said no look( through hysterical tears ) its missing. Yes it was gone... Now I have never pondered this question before last night, but what do you do when your front tooth falls out?? I calmed down called my mummy and freaked out again. I forgot to mention that we just changed insurance plans at work and I have no dentist. So I call my friends from work and try to get some recommendations of dentists. Long story short I finally get into a dentist at 11am this morning and he was able to put a temporary crown on it for now so I am not the toothless bandit anymore. Why did this happen to me you say? Well back to the strange and weird things that happen to me I am just going to list out for your viewing pleasure some of what I have experienced in the last 10 years

1. I went to the ER once because I though my head was going to explode..worst headache in the world. Anyway at the ER they had to check for meningitis or something so they did a spinal tap( where they take fluid from your spine ). OK fine diagnosis is migraines. Well I leave the ER and proceed to get worse over the next 2 days. It got so bad that my hubby had to call an ambulance to take me back to the ER 2 days later because I could not lift my head. Every time I moved I felt like my brain was going to fall out. Come to find out that she punctured something when she did the spinal tap which caused the fluid around my brain to leak out so that my brain was banging against my skull. To fix this they do a "blood patch" where they remove blood and clog the leak or something. Anyway weird strange things

2. Around Xmas 2008 I started getting numbness in my right leg. After 24 hours it got so bad I could not even walk. It was worse than labor ( for those who have kids ) ended up in the hospital for 4 days . No diagnosis but Dr thinks that nerves were all crunched up and fighting each other?. Again weird things

3. I used to get strep throat all the time. One a plane back to NY form Florida I felt a lump in my throat and was having trouble breathing. Went straight to ER after I got off the plane. Was then admitted to hospital for 4 days because of some weird infection in my tonsils that kept filling up with poison and puss. Again Dr's were like WTF

4. The issue that I think was the cause of the toothless incident last night. I had another strange lump in the roof of my mouth a couple of years ago. Went to the dentist and he could feel it but had no idea what the heck it was. After much investigating come to find out that I had an infected tooth. Usually with an infected tooth you are in pain, your gum gets swollen, very noticeable. No not with me. My infection went into the roof of my mouth and was up through my nasal passage so had to get oral surgery to fix this. Dentist told me that I should have been in a text book for that as he had never seen that happen.

5. Was my LB surgery .You can read the full story on my first blog but basically Dr Fielding who is a pioneer in LB and has done thousand of these surgeries has never experienced what happened to me and to this day still has no clue why it happened.

SO anyway now you know a little bit more about my weird medical issues. Probably more than you wanted to know but anyway thanks for listening and keep up the good work

Friday, March 12, 2010

Thursday Food

So here is what I ate yesterday:

10 am - large coffee light and sweet

11am-1pm 1.5 ltr of water

1:45pm 1 slice tomatoe with mozarella, 1/2 cup salad

3pm 5 cheeze its

6pm 1 bite of my sons dinner ( pasta )

8pm 1/2 cup panang curry and 1/2 cup Pad Thai

9pm 1 packet of bunny cookies ( 140 calories )

9:30 pm 1 gummy bear :-)

Although I did snack after dinner it wasnt too bad and it was not chocolate so I am ok with it. Thisnk my calories for the day were ok. I only know the calorie amount of snack food as that is what I watch super carefully

Have a great weekend all :-)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Slowly but surely

So hi all,
Weigh in Tuesday and I am down a whopping 8 ounces this week!!! uhm yeah I guess a loss is a loss is a loss though right? right?

Anyway so I just watched Amys vlog and decided to look up why the heck I am not loosing more weight. So this is what I figured out and if you have any comments / feedback/ help etc then please let me know.

I am 5 " 2 and weigh 167.2 lbs today. According to the BMI calculator If I do little to no exercise I need 1821 calories per day to maintain my weight and if I go to the gym 1-3 times per week I need 2087 calories per day to maintain. So to loose 1 pound per week with no exercise I have to eat 1300 calories per day and if I want to loose 2 pounds per week I have to eat 821 calories per day??? WTF If I go to t he gym 3 times per week I have to eat 1587 to loose 1 pound and 1087 per day to loose 2 pounds.....

Now I understand I should go the gym but work has been crazy so it has been hard but looking at the numbers above I can only hope to carry on with loosing 1 pounds per week. It would take me another year to get to the "chart" weight I should be. This sucks!!!!

I mean I am happy that I am going down but I feel like I will never reach goal and it is just going to be even slower for weight loss from now on. There is not much room there.

Anyway I am starting an experiment today. I am going to eat NOTHING after dinner for 1 week and see what that will do for me. Now I have to stay motivated and keep to it, for 1 week and we will see what next week brings. I have decide that I would be HAPPY if I consistently lost 1 pound per week.

Anyway hope everyone is doing well.
Keep up the good work!!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Finally some slight movement

Hi all,
How you doing? So Tuesday weigh in and finally some movement, did you notice I didn't post last Tuesday? That's because the scale did not move for 2 weeks WTF? I was eating the same things and doing the same exercise and it did not move. Well today it finally moved..a little. I am at a new low of 168 pounds!! slowly but surely I guess. I have to stop putting so much pressure on myself. I want the scale to move down EVERY week, I want to get to my goal weight now now now!! anyway sorry for the rant
Some good NSV's though for the week. So I went into America Eagle and saw their jeans were on sale for $39 so I thought lets try them on and see what they look like. SO I took a size 12 and 14 into the dressing room. I tried on the 14 , too big, I tried on the 12 and although tehy fit in the legs, I could pull them down without unbuttoning them so then I said, dare I try a size 10??? Well I did and guess what? I am wearing them right now woo hoo. I mean I still have a muffin top and they are snug but hello size 10 people :-) After that exciting news I went up to pay for them and the girl said that will be $11.97 ?? Hello score !!! they were on sale even lower.
Work is really busy right now which is good and bad.
I am heading out this weekend with my boys ( my gays!! ) so I am excited to wear something new and have a great night. Its so funny, every time I go out with my boys I feel the need to dress up as let me tell you gay men are the ones you have to impress, they notice everything.
Anyway hope everyone has a great week.
Keep up the good work

P.S. Sad I cant make the NYC Brandster brunch this weekend as I have a 3 year old birthday party to attend ( I knwo where I woudl rather be ) so everyone have a great time and have a margarita for me!!