Wednesday, November 18, 2009

How long to gain weight?

Last weekend I went a little crazy with the food and alcohol. I went to a friends pre Thanksgiving party. We all made a dish and had dinner together. I did really well on the dinner part, took a little bit of food and was satisfied. The problems started after the 3d vodka. The desserts came out and my mouth started drooling. One of my friends made these deliciously evil little things called peanut butter balls that were basically cookie, peanut butter and then lathered in chocolate. Now granted they are small but that doesn't help when you eat like 5 of them. They were so good and so bad at the same time. I woke up on Sunday morning with a little hangover and of course regret again for eating so many. This brings me to a thought I had, how long does it take to gain the weight if you have had a bad eating day or 2? Does it come on the next morning? When does it show up on the scale? How long does it take to turn into fat? Official weigh day for me tomorrow and I am hoping to have no gain, am not expecting a loss but just don't want to see a gain.
I have been really good since Monday and going to the gym so fingers crossed for me. I just keep thinking about my be at 180 for Christmas ( 9 pounds ). I love the holiday season but there are so many party's and so many chances to screw up. I will just keep the goal in mind and I will make it. Have a good one


  1. You know, I always thought it took a few days for the weight to register, but now I'm not sure. For me it seems to hit me right away (I know when I've been naughty and then the scales tell me so quickly, so I'm able to bring myself under control again.. well, that's the theory lol) Hope you manage to bypass a small weightgain.

  2. Well, this is pre-band, but sometimes if I have been dieting and restricting my calories and drop off the wagon for a bit, I actually loose weight, as it sort of shocks the system - oh, we're getting lots of calories, we can burn lots...this is purely my theory, not scientific as far as I know, but I have definitely heard it confirmed by other people on their blogs in in non-bandsters in person!

  3. mmmm! Those peanut butter balls sound awesome! Alcohol does band things to our decision making processes doesnt it? But you know what, dont' beat yourself up over it. You have to live your life and enjoy it. Just make it a special treat and be good the rest of the time. It was a thanksgiving dinner! I hope you enjoyed yourself though. Also, I wonder the same thing about how long it takes for weight to show up on the scale. Sometimes it seems immediate, but I had a friend that was really into food and diet and she said even up to 2 weeks!?!?