Monday, December 7, 2009


So we decided to be brave the crazy crowd this year and go to Santaland at Macys. Wow is all I can say. The tourists are crazy around here. We were there at 10am when Macys opened. By the time we got up to the 8th floor there was already about 150 people in line. Not too bad though. In and out in 1 1/2 hours . So worth it to see the little man run up and give Santa a huge hug. Here is a pic


  1. Whoa! You are a good mommy for waiting in that line. One good thing about living in a small town - when we went to see Santa at the "mall" he was sitting there bored out of his mind, not one kid in line! In and out in like 5 mins!

    Sounds like fun anyway!

  2. Great meeting you at brunch today. Hopefully we'll make it a regular thing. Was this at the Herald Sq Macys in this post? I can't imagine braving the crowds there for Santa. Somehow I missed that they even have a Santa there, but they must. It's MACYS!