Thursday, December 17, 2009

Oh no too tight!!!

Ok so I had 1 teasspoon of mashed potatoes and 2 teaspoons of creamed spinach. Been stuck for 45 minutes and it is sore and slimey. Called drs , need to go get some taken out tomorrow before I leave. So mad!!! I guess I wanted restriction but not as tight as this.
So they are squeezing me in tomorrow with Frank, have not heard the best things about hi. Heard he is very nice but sore with the needle and me having a freaky port scares me. Oh no!!


  1. Oh you poor thing! I am so sorry you are too tight! I hope Frank is gentle with you and is able to work with your magic port :)

  2. Ugh that sucks! Def. too tight if you can't eat that! Hope Frank is good!

  3. wow that sux! Well good luck w/ Frank and I hope the appt goes well before you leave!