Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Hmm fill

So I had a fill yesterday, .5 ml. I am obviously still on liquids but I am having feelings I have not had before with my fill. Yesterday all I had was 2 cups coffee and then last night had a cup of soup and managed to get half down and then though oh I am full ( yeah !!) but the weird thing is that I have more saliva in my mouth? Strange ? coincidence? i wont really know anything until i start mushies tomorrow but now I am getting a bit paranoid because what if I am too tight. I leave on Saturday for Florida for a week but what happens if I am too tight? Will I know when I start mushies? Hope so then that way I can run in Friday for a quick unfill but what if mushies go down fine and I have problems with solids? Aghh so confusing with my lucy. I guess all I will do is wait it out till Friday because I really think this is me at my sweet spot and don't want to get any taken out.
Does anyone else salivate more?


  1. That's great that you have restriction...worse case scenario, there are plenty of drs in florida. I have been planning that once I get my band, if I am traveling, i will look up a recommended Dr. where I am going, to have as a back up...I might have to pay a few hundred dollars, but that is better than an emergency room or misery!

  2. I go through periods with my band when I get really tight...then in 24 hours I feel like I need a fill. It is all a tricky process. When I do feel tight I noticed increased salivation. As long as you can hold down liquids and are not vomiting I might give it a little time, however you can always call your doc and ask their advice