Thursday, January 7, 2010

I don't hate these pics :-)

So for the 1st time in many years I don't hate the pictures that were taken of me. Don't get me wrong, I could point out many many things i do not like but I am not embarrassed to post them. That is a huge breakthrough. For the 1st 2 years of my sons life there are hardly any pics of me and him together because I was so scared and embarrassed of getting my pic taken. NO MORE!!! I want to have as many memories and pictures as I can with my sweet boy and my hubby. So Yeah NSV.
How is everyone doing? Things are going ok for me. I have an appt on Jan 14th for a fill and I am not sure if I will get it ( this is a recurring theme for me ). I mean as far as hunger goes, I am never hungry. I could go all day without eating. This is amazing. However when I do eat I am eating more than the 1 cup? I mean I could eat for days and days. I am still sticking to no more than 1200 calories a day and losing about 1 1/2 pds a week. I know one of problems is snacking, and how much crap that I can eat and goes through the band. Ugh I don't know.
Other than that work is crazy as always and still stressing out about my dad. He had another test today to check the arteries in his brain. I am excited though as my mum dad and sister get here tomorrow for 4 days so it will be fun.
Oh and at my last appt I told them that I don't really eat until 2pm and most of my calories are at night and they said that was ok and a lot of people cant eat early in the day because the band is tight .
My word of the year which has been going around is "patience". I want to have patience with myself and my weight loss journey. I know I am doing pretty good with the weight loss although would love it to come off faster but it didn't happen over night, so I need patience to get where I am going.
Hope everyone is well!!!


  1. You look really good in your updated pictures! Now you can get a family portrait, or whatever you want. I've never gotten one because I was too embarrassed, but I'm going too at goal because it is so sad not to have those memories preserved. Good for you!


  2. I've been meaning to drop you a line and say I am sorry about the tough news re your dad.

    Enjoy your visit with your family, and I'm glad you are feeling good about your photos. I'm looking forward to getting there!

  3. So sad about your dad. I hope things go ok.. he's lucky to have you all there supporting him in this crappy time.

    On better news, you look just beautiful - and thin!! You really do. You are shining through your photo and it's nice you don't feel like you have to hide any more. Actually nice is too passive - its frigging awesome!! Go you!!

  4. You have a beautiful family and you look fantastic!

  5. Great word Carla.

    You look amazing! Really, you look so skinny and cute!

  6. The photos are great - you look beautiful and very happy. Enjoy your time with your family!

  7. Great photos -- you look wonderful!!

  8. I didn't comment the first time I saw these photos, but they are really wonderful! You look so great!