Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Stressful 2010

Hi all,
So things have been super crazy around here so far this year. Usually at work January is a slow month as budgets are getting proposed so very few studies are commisioned ( I work in Research ). Well this year its completely the opposite. I currently have 11 different projects in field all around the globe from the UK to Dubai to Australia. This is causing me to get stressed out and even worse not able to go the gym at lunchtime. Hopefully it gets a little easier but I see this continuing until at least the end of February.

Had my fill appt last Thursday. Ugh only lost 3lbs in the past 3 1/2 weeks. Trying not to get discouraged because I know why I am not loosing more. I have to stop snacking!!!! I do so good during the day but come 8pm at night when I am sitting on the couch relaxing the snack attack happens. I mean I am still maxing out at around 1200 calories a day but it just annoys me that if I stopped the snacking I could loose faster. Need to get my ass back into gear.

I am around 176 now and I have 2 long term goals. I want to be at 160 lbs before we start trying to have a baby ( I want to get pregnant this year ) and my ultimate goal is 140 lbs. Even though 140lbs is still overweight for my height but that is a number that has been in my head for like 20 years so if I get there ( will I? ) and I want to loose more and can I will.

Anyway sorry I have not been making lots of comments on blogs but I try to read every ones and keep up to date.

Stay strong everyone :-)


  1. Wow Carla, sounds like you are really busy!! Don't worry about not making comments, when you read something that makes you feel like you really want to say something, you will!! I don't always comment either. I may even go a week or two without making many comments. :) But I am at least reading the blogs.

  2. A loss is a loss even if it's a small one and it's still averaging about a pound a week. Can't be too sad about that. Sorry work is so hectic for you...that probably isn't helping the snacky monster at night either. Hang in there!

  3. I hear you on the slowed weight loss - I had a grizzle about that also this last post lol. But.. we will prevail. You seem to know how to fix it at your end.. or maybe you need more fill? I think I'm about due for a little bit more.. I can't get this darned scale moving.

  4. Could be worse...I have lost nothing the past 3 weeks, despite exercising religiously! Anyway, this fill should help for sure. I hope the stress at work calms down!

  5. You know I was looking at my weight loss journal for this last year, and I should type it up and share it bc I h would lose and gain so much, back and forth...it is just amazing that I have lost anything:) But at least you are 3 pounds down and moving in the right direction! Thank you for letting me know you have a blog too!