Wednesday, October 28, 2009

NSV :-)

Isn't it so weird the bigger you are the longer you stay in certain size clothes??? For example I am still wearing size 1 Lane Bryant jeans, 3 weeks ago I bought a size 14 DKYNY pair of jeans and they fit and today my NSV.....I fit into my old size 12 Tommy Hilfiger jeans ( these were from a period of about 6 months when I lost 60 pounds ). Now they are probably supposed to be baggy fit and on me they look like they are painted on but I can wear them. I can breathe in them so I am taking it as a NSV. It is just so weird how I can still fit into all sizes and most of my clothes that are 16-18. I don't get it but of course they are a lot looser and are close to being removed from my closet.
I had a good day yesterday, went to gym worked out for an hour during lunch. I am getting used to it now but the thought of going for the rest of my life depresses me.
Do you know what drives me insane though? Night eating!!! I do so good during the day ( I am not at restriction so I can pretty much eat anything I want )and then after I get the little one down at night I want to eat...I am trying to figure out the head hunger versus real hunger or if I am just eating just because. But between 8pm and 10pm I am constantly in the kitchen. Now granted I wont eat the snickers bars but I will eat the 100 calorie snacks which is ok unless you eat 3 of them!! That is what i have to work on. Maybe I should start going to bed with my little one .
Weigh in day tomorrow. Nervous. But no matter what the scale says I can feel my body change so I am happy
Have a good one!!!

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  1. First up, nice NSV's. I always have a little laugh at the sizings .. a size 1? Sounds like childrens clothes lol but must be nice to say: I fit into a size 1!! (what size is that by the way? must be fairly small?)
    I hear you on the 'rest of my life' comment regarding exercise. I guess we just do what we can. Any time we do some has got to be a bonus.. and try not to come down on ourselves when we cant. (Same situation here this morning.. it's raining and I cant go for my walk.. argh!!)