Friday, October 23, 2009

Can I be a blogger?

So where do I start? I am not sure that I am a blogger but have been inspired by reading so many wonderful blogs out there that I think I should start my own. I don't think it is really about anyone else reading it because I am not even sure if I want anyone I know to read my thoughts but I am going to give it a try anyway.
I have a lapband. I am a bariatric patient. I never thought that I would be I mean I have been fat my whole life, and I mean my whole life but I always thought of surgery as something so drastic and that would have to mean admitting to the outside world that I knew I was fat and that I had a problem with it. Now don't get me wrong people are not blind and I am certainly not stupid but I always kind of made a joke about it and my personality was always so strong that even my mum was surprised that I really hated being fat so much. Anyway so I decided in June to look into surgery. I did lots of research online and found out what the lap band was all about. I am lucky to live in NYC where there are great doctors who have been doing this for years. I researched and decided that I would go to Dr Fielding at NYU mostly because he has a lap band himself. I go the surgery on July 31st and let me tell you it was nothing like I had expected. I wont go int o all the details but basically had the surgery on Friday, went home sat morning, bleeding from wound would not stop so I went back to the ER on Sunday morning. was in the ER from 6am until 6pm. Doctors tried to open the wound and stop the bleeding but to no avail. Kept in overnight, went back to the OR then next day and surgeon could not see where the bleeding was coming from so he closed me back up. Left hospital Monday night. Bleeding continued. Back to drs office Tues morning and he looked again and couldnt see where it was coming from. Woke up Wednesday covered in blood so back to the hospital again. They kept me overnight and then put a couple of additional stitches in. Yeah bleeding stopped. Went to drs one week later and the wound was infected. So back to surgery to remove the port. So from 08/13-10/2 had not port in. Back to surgery 10/2 to get port back in. First fill on 10/15. Wounds are all healed and am ready to really start the journey. I am actually down about 28 pounds so far which is not bad I think. After all o ft hat do I regret getting the surgery??? NO!! Because I know I will get there I know I will feel restriction and I know I will lose the weight this time for good. I have to. This is the last resort people. If I can not lose weight after taking such a drastic measure then someone up there is really messing with me.
So I want to document my journey, should have probably started earlier but oh well. As you can probably tell ( if anyone is actually reading this ) my thoughts are all over the place.
A little about me. I am 34 years old ( really? ) and I have a wonderful husband and the most amazing son you can imagine. He is 2 1/2 years old and the love of my life. I cant wait to have more kids. I live in NYC , have done for the past 9 years and love it.
I am not sure what this blog will be about and even if I will keep it up but hey what do I have to loose.
So for now I will sign off as I better get some work done. Hope you have a good day. ( who am I saying that to? )

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  1. Hi Carla -

    I know you mention above that you're not sure you want people to be reading this, so let me know if you'd rather not have any followers. That being said, I love that we have the same surgeon. Can't believe that you went through all that you did. You sound like you have an amazing attitude about it though and 28 pounds down is fantastic!! Who did your first fill?