Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Love my scales

So hi all. Tuesday weigh in day and I was pleasantly surprised....172.2lbs down 2.6 lbs this week. Now this is a huge number for me as I usually drop 1 -1.5 lbs per week so whatever I am doing I want to keep doing it yeah!!! So that is total 51.8 lbs down :-)

So the never ending question, sweet spot??? I think I am there ( and I think I have said this several times before ). My issue has never been hunger as I have said before but trying to achieve the "full " feeling. My question to all who know the "full" feeling or your soft stop is, Does it kind of feel like you are stuck? What I mean is I know the feeling I get when I am stuck and know that I am going to slime, I feel the pressure and think oh crap i didn't chew enough. Well lately I have been feeling a similar pressure after I have eaten but I don't slime or throw up so maybe that feeling can also be used as my full feeling? I know I have probably confused you but any thoughts you have would be helpful.

My next dr appt is on Feb 18th and as of right now I do not plan on getting a fill but of course that may change over the next 16 days

Oh and just have to say one more time I HATE MY ARMS AND THIGHS....51.8 pounds down and I don't think I have lost any in my arms or thighs sigh!!!


  1. Carla, congratulations~ 51 pounds is awesome! I hate my arms too, so I totally know how you feel. A couple years ago I did some hard-core arm workouts with bands and some hand weights and I couldn't believe what a different it made in my arms. There was some definition! I didn't hate them! I'm planning to get back there at some point but it was great to know that it could happen to my body, if that makes any sense.

  2. Almost 52 lbs down! That is awesome! You're doing great! Weight training can make a huge difference when it comes to arms.

  3. i look forward to reading your blog. congrats on hitting the 51 (and beyond) mark. i just read about your beginning complications... you must be one tough cookie not to get cynical after that!

    i am working on figuring it out the "full" feeling too. i think for me it is the small in the mouth burp that happens. if i listen to that small burp i will not go the next bite -- which leads to pain.