Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Stuffing my face as I write this...

Hey all,
How is everyone doing? Hoep everyone is doing well out there. It seems to be people are getting closer and closer to their goal weight which is awesome. The only sad thing about that I think is that maybe people will tend to blog less when hey reach it?? I suppose it is all a cycle leaving room for new banded bloggers out there. Anyway just wanted to say hope everyone is doing well.

In teh land of pregnancy with the band everything is going ok. I had an appt with Dr Fielding last Tuesday ( lap band doc ) and 1st of all he said I looked amazing !! He probably says that to all the girls :-) First thing I said to him was " Before I get on the scale I am 2 montsh pregnant so don't freak out about my weight!! ) Like he is the one freaking out? Anyway still showed a loss from my last appointment 2 1/2 months ago, thanks god he didn't ask me how much I had gained since my recorded low. Anyway we talked about the pregnancy and the band and how the hunger had appeared out of nowhere like a vengeance. I told him it feels like it had been building up for the past 8 montsh and all re appeared in the past 8 weeks. He said that due to hormones my hunger will fluctuate. He said take the band on its merit separate from the pregnancy and as Long as I can still eat I am fine. I was actually having trouble for the prior 4 days before seeing him about getting stuck so I decided to get some fill taken out. He took out the last fill I had gotten back in January. I am going back to see him in August to see what happens. AS you an imagine with some of the fluid taken out the hunger has gotten worse and I am eating like a crazy person but I am trying to eat like a crazy healthy person, For example as the title of my post suggests I am stuffing my face right now but it is being stuffed with a salad of romaine, dry tuna, mozarella, egg whites and turkey bacon so could be being stuffed with pizza right? right? right? anyway i am trying t behave but obviously am eating more than before. Trying nto to stress as the numbers on the scale inch up. Jenny suggested I may want to put a pregnancy weight gain ticker on my blog aghhh!!! no!!! would die seeing those numbers everyday.

Anyway so officially I am 8 weeks 5 days pregnant, Had first official appt with my OB yesterday and we got to see the munchkin on the sonogram. Still looks like a little blob right now but watching the heartbeat was amazing. It is so unreal, this baby is less than an inch big but the little heartbeat was strong as anything!!!
we have told our extended families now and close friends but still not shouting it to the world until I hit 12 weeks!!

Had a great time in DC, even sober I had a blast out dancing with my girls and gays until 3am!!

Keep up the good work ladies!!!


  1. There are a lot of old time bandsters that stick around. I like going back and reading their blogs from the early days and following their journeys in a fraction of the time they experienced them. :)

    Congrats on the pregnancy! How exciting! It is always so fun to see the babies on the sonograms!
    Our dr. noted that three of his patients just recently announced pregnancies. Tis in the water!

  2. I totally missed the post that you were preggers!! Holy Moly Congratulations!!!

  3. Things are going so great for you now! This is an exciting time - relish every single second of it (as I'm sure you are lol.)

  4. Definitely bring your sister to brunch, would LOVE to see you!!!

  5. It was so great to meet you and congrats on your baby!! how wonderful and exciting! it was really great to meet everyone and I really, really enjoyed it and learned a lot!! your sister was fantastic also..she is going to be quite a success I can tell! I am excited to read through your blog!!! Hope to see you again soon