Thursday, June 10, 2010

Girls and Gays

Hi all,
How is everyone? Still trying to keep up with everyones blogs although not much commentign from me lately.
So I am 7 weeks today woo hoo , still 2 weeks away from my 1st ultrasound. I am so nervous about this pregnancy for some reason and just cant wait to see my little love bug is ok. So pregnancy and the band....what band? Yes lucy is still in there I beleive however the band is NOOOO match to pregnancy hormones / hunger. It is crazy!! I have never been able to eat in the mornign and that has remained the same, just drinking water and coffee ( decaf ) to get me through the mornign and not hungry whcih is fine. However when I put the 1st morsel of food in my mouth holy crap!! it is a never ending pit in there. Since I had the band the best thing has been I am never hungry, like even when I was not at perfect restriction by issue was the amount of food not any hunger because I was never hungry. Now for the 1st time in like 9 months I am hungry all the time. I am tryign to limit on my own the amount of food and have not had many pb's but wow iots soo weird. I have to admit I have gained 2.4 lbs aghh!!!! but I guess not too bad although I know I have to get myself in check. I feel like I am using the pregnancy as an excuse to eat more snacks too ( uhm chocholate anyone !! ) so I will have to reel that in
I have an appt with my band dr on Tuesday but I dont think I will get any fill taken out just yet, pulease!!
Anyway other than that I feel exhausted all the time!! I so wish I did not have to work. Only 33 weeks to go ha
Keep up the good work ladies!!

P.S. Posted this and then realized the title did not make sense. I forgot I was going to tell you I am off to DC tomorrow for a girls and gays weekend. I cant wait, we have all been friends since we were 12 and its not often we get to hang out together. Although we still have not told anyone about me being pregnant I know that I will not survive the 1st 5 minutes without my friedns knowing. "Carla would you like a glass of wine? No thanks. Carla why are you not smoking? Uhm just cause..Ok Carla whatever you are pregnant!!! This is how the conversation will go "


  1. Missed you!! Interested to see what Dr. F says about the band and whether he'll keep you filled. Maybe you should do a pregnancy gain ticker?? ;-)


  2. Have a very gay time...LOL. Just remember the first 3 months are hard...I had to eat all the time too...I am sure it will calm down in the 2nd are going great

  3. lol I was wondering about the title - though it was clever. Have fun!!

  4. Have a great weekend! I'd never last before spilling the pregnancy news.