Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Finally some slight movement

Hi all,
How you doing? So Tuesday weigh in and finally some movement, did you notice I didn't post last Tuesday? That's because the scale did not move for 2 weeks WTF? I was eating the same things and doing the same exercise and it did not move. Well today it finally moved..a little. I am at a new low of 168 pounds!! slowly but surely I guess. I have to stop putting so much pressure on myself. I want the scale to move down EVERY week, I want to get to my goal weight now now now!! anyway sorry for the rant
Some good NSV's though for the week. So I went into America Eagle and saw their jeans were on sale for $39 so I thought lets try them on and see what they look like. SO I took a size 12 and 14 into the dressing room. I tried on the 14 , too big, I tried on the 12 and although tehy fit in the legs, I could pull them down without unbuttoning them so then I said, dare I try a size 10??? Well I did and guess what? I am wearing them right now woo hoo. I mean I still have a muffin top and they are snug but hello size 10 people :-) After that exciting news I went up to pay for them and the girl said that will be $11.97 ?? Hello score !!! they were on sale even lower.
Work is really busy right now which is good and bad.
I am heading out this weekend with my boys ( my gays!! ) so I am excited to wear something new and have a great night. Its so funny, every time I go out with my boys I feel the need to dress up as let me tell you gay men are the ones you have to impress, they notice everything.
Anyway hope everyone has a great week.
Keep up the good work

P.S. Sad I cant make the NYC Brandster brunch this weekend as I have a 3 year old birthday party to attend ( I knwo where I woudl rather be ) so everyone have a great time and have a margarita for me!!


  1. Congrats on the size 10s. That's so great. Enjoy them, and have fun with your gays and your 3-year-olds!

  2. Size 10!!! OMG! So sad you can't make it this weekend, but we'll do another in April.